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Dogs have always been a part of my life. A big dog, this has been my dream since I was a child.
It was in 1993 that my husband Sergio and I bought our first Great Dane, he was a brindle and his name was Sansone, but we called him Jack. After him, other Danes came, until one day a Mastiff female took my heart.
Isaḅ, a sudden feeling. The only one.
Later on, other Mastiffs came in our house, some have been very important and successful at Shows, other haven't, but for me they all are important.
If you can understand a Mastiff just in the deep of his soul, then you will realize you cannot do without. It is not only a great mastiff, it is a masterpiece. A great dog from every point of view.... kind, tolerant, intelligent, but at the same time indipendent, slightly reserved with foreign strangers but very balanced and controllable. Very good guardian, protective and fit for family life.
Sometimes he weights more than 100 kg, but not for this he can be considered as a subject with moving problems. He can and must be active.
Mine is a very small kennel, and we are committed to a careful selection for beauty, temper and health.
All my subjects are Beauty Champions in Italy and in several European countries, they have undergone Xrays for ankle and knee dysplasia and echocardiogram by specialized vets. Unfortunately in Italy there is no possibility to make temper tests for this breed, so I have to take my subjects abroad to make TAN (Natural Attitude Test), a test which determines the temper and balance of dogs. It is a pity that such an ancient and important breed as Mastiff is slowly getting lost because of false and mistaken information.
To those who intend getting closer to this dog, to know it better and maybe have one, I must honestly say that English Mastiff requires great committment, from different points of view, and for this reason they should always and only contact professional breeders who can show a log palmares of titles obtained at shows and that can prove every subject they have been bred has no patologies such as dysplasia and cardiopatia, and if it is possible even a temper test.
This are my idea and my road... the one I have taken and I am trying to run in spite of a lot of difficulties.

Paola Barlettani.


Allevamento amatoriale Mastiff " di Terabithia" di Paola Barlettani

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